Planning For An Outdoor Wedding Without The Snares

To organize an outdoor wedding you will need preparation, foresight and a grasp for details. For instance, there isn’t much you can do about the weather, but you can work around it. Here are some guidelines for planning a great outdoor wedding.

Even if your mind is set and you are definitely going to get married outside, it is wise to go for a location that has alternative indoor facilities, to be used if necessary. At least, get a big tent so that if the weather turns out to be inclement on the big day, the ceremony can still take place.

Sometimes, certain parks or other wonderful natural areas, well suited for an outdoors wedding, are managed by an organization that does not have a lot of experience with hosting marriages. In that case, you should be extra careful to check that their side of the organization runs smoothly.

Ensure that you will have access to all the facilities that will be necessary for a great outdoor wedding. For instance, if there are no toilets you will need to rent portable ones. Bear in mind that you will need electricity, so if the outdoor wedding location is really out of the way you will have to rent a generator or two.

Nature already provides a great backdrop to most outdoor weddings, but if you want to add a couple of extra decorations it is best to do it sparsely and to let everything blend into the natural setting. Wedding arches are an exception, as these give your ceremony focus.

There are several retailers of wedding arches with well-designed internet sites, who offer different styles of arches for all kinds of marriage ceremonies. With the wide choice available, you are guaranteed to find a wedding arch that suits your expectations and style.

You can get a florist to organize the extra decoration, or you can do it yourself. Add some potted plants and maybe seating in the same style for your guests to sit down. If you have to transfer the outdoors wedding to an indoors location at the last minute, you can take the arch, plants and furniture with you.

It’s very important to inform attending guests that they will be going to an outdoor wedding, so that they can wear appropriate clothes. It also makes sense to send your guests a weather forecast a few days before the marriage, so that they will be aware of any expected rain.

You also need to make sure that the path to the outdoor wedding location is easily reachable, especially by people with impaired mobility. For instance, if necessary and feasible, you may want to hire a golf cart to shuttle the more elderly guests to the event.

Concerning the wedding couple’s dress, they should also be adapted to the weather and season. The bride should opt for a rather short and not too complicated dress so that she will be comfortable in the setting. High heels are also best avoided at an outdoor wedding.

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